Freitag, 19. November 2010

new wave i'm walking the line

after the wild nothing concert last night, which filled me with happiness,love and joy,i had a flush of thoughts concerning the relationship of people to music
i asked myself if everyone feels like me,getting quite nervous in any secounds without music.
i thought about people who listen to more..well..chart..musicthingyouknowwhatimean and wondered if they have the same relationship to bands like i have
when i see them "grow" after exploring them on youtube

i came to the ultimate question ,which nearly ate my brain.
could it be possible that there's one human being on this planet who simply can't stand music?
the question nearly...killed me i could not imagine someone who never listens to music or atleast not by his own will and conviction.

so today,
while teresa and i ignored our mathteacher and prefered to discuss the last night,
one girl told us that she can't stand music.
she told us that she's not really listening to anything ,that music annoys her most of the time and that she's not really prefering any type of music..
i couldn't really handle the situation,i felt like the world was falling apart yes there are people outside who don't listen to music

isn't that just the most horrible thing you ever heard?
i just can't get it out of my mind..

(ps currently i am not listening to music my head can't handle any noise anymore i'm in a terrible need for sleep
but i'm keeping myself away from dreaming

i should do some things like cleaning my room,arrange my clothes from the floor to the closet or learn for history,draw for art find out how to spend my money in a reasonable way what to wear tomorrow i need more coffee)


  1. who are your favourite artists? (besides julian and his gang)
    the girl in your class made my world fall apart too. she possibly cannot be human. msic keeps me from turning into a zombie (whch, in reverse, means she is one.) how would anybody ever miss out on ... this?

  2. oh i wish i could answer you but you're profile is private :c

  3. sorry :) answer here or there: