Sonntag, 7. November 2010

grey magazine

on friday teresa and i decided to get terrible drunk,stay at home and invite some people to come over
so we went out and bought a lots of wine and potato chips

sadly we had to notice that planning a party one hour before the start is not the best idea and had to face the fact that everyone we wanted to see had other plans for the night
so we drunk all the wine alone and started to dance through the whole flat,screaming the lyrics of every song , falling down on our knees to make the whole thing a littlebit more dramatic
after a while two friends showed up, and we all fell asleep while watching south park
saturday we had a big breakfast,watched taking woodstock and listened to the rain
this weekend was so diffrent to all the weekends in the last months
only because we both are absolutly broke and not allowed to spend any money for clubs coffee or clothes
but it changed everything again
last weekend i thought i would die on a overdose of boredom
i thought i would die in this city because it has nothing to offer anymore
this weekend so many things happened,changed my mind again
without doing things that i thought would change things
my mind,my mood..
what a lovely lesson

turtles-happy together

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