Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

marie fleur charles worth

i read an interview with sofia coppola today,my first interview,my first real insight
into the brain of a woman,no a genius,whose movies had influenced me and my life more than any other did before.
as big as my love to her movies was sadly the dissapointment that slowly spread trough my whole body
while reading her answers to quite interesting questions.
i was confronted with fatuous,simple-minded and
naive answers
and the cruel apprehension that the person who i thought to have the key to my brain,had never reflected on the world,
the society and her role,the role of an human being in both of them.
i had to face the fact that i simply can't stand the person who helped me to create the little place in my head,
i escape to whenever i feel not emotional compatible to face reality and people like...her.
you can label this as an excessive inordinateness,but i really feel like some one just kicked me out of my cotton candy world,
destroyed my view on the world.
it's always want to imagine that you favouite musician,actor or whoever you admire is just like you,
understands you,right?
your closest friend,someone to share ridicilous thoughts.
it makes me sad,maybe it even depresses me a littlebit
but actually i won't refuse to see somewhere next week
with a lot of popcorn in a cute dress with all my closest friends,
it won't stop me of being terrible excited about it
i mean i waited for that movies for months
because in the end, sofia coppolas product,her movies are still more than brilliant,right?

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  1. Oh I feel your pain, my dear! I had exactly the same problem. I watched the documentary to Lost in Translation and hated her in it, too. And I'm not afraid to admit it.
    Screw what she has to say as far as her films remain brilliant. Or move over to..Wes Anderson?