Dienstag, 23. November 2010

michael pitt as kurt cobain in "last days"

"all this belongs to the language of ghost.
there are many other possible kind of talks in this language.most of them begin when one person says to another: I wish.
what they wish might be anything at all,as long as it is something that cannot happen.
i wish the sun would never set.i wish money would grow in my pockets.i wish the city would be like in the old days.you get the idea.
absurd and infantile things,with no meaning and no reality.
in general,people hold to the belief that however bad things were yesterday,they were better than things are today.
what they were like two day ago was even better than yesterday.the father you go back,the more beautiful and desirable the world becomes.
you drag yourself from sleep each morning to face something that is always worse than what you faced the day before,
but by talking the world that existed before you went to sleep,you can delude yourself into thinking that the present day is simply an apparition,
no more or less real than the memories of all the other days you carry around inside of you."
paul auster in the country of last things


  1. der mit abstand schlechteste film den ich je geguckt hab und die schlechteste besetzung überhaupt

  2. ich weiß das hast du mir jetzt schon zum 100 mal gesagt
    mir egal
    er ist schön
    du nervst

  3. ich habe ihn nie gesehen,
    aber screenshot no°2 hat gerade die richtige stimmung.