Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

animals III

uhm well yeah..
fuck you alexa

harlem-three legged dog

animals II

deyrolle pour opening ceremony

i'm only 305$ away from a blouse with fox
i'll definitly be able to buy one in 5657 years after i became terrible succesful with selling floral wreaths on easter island
( my plan a to escape from society)

animals I

jill stuart aw11
fox owl bambi
favourite animals
dark red
favourite colour
favourite textile
favourite era
plus orange and brown boyfriend coat and blazer gold glitzer and orange lipstick

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

saturday night ph private
last week i realized that my life would be full of joy and satisfaction,a million times better than my life is now
with a furry adoreable fluffy friend by my side
watching kittens und puppies, playing around on youtube became something like passion
and everyday without a little thing with more fur than bones is slow painful death
due to the fact that i'm allergic to cats and our flat is simply too small for a beagle
i decited to get a rabbit..
or a hamster
i can't really decide but the imagination of a little white rabbit with huuuge eyes named ludwig makes me super excited
but rabbits can reach a age of 15 so i will be 33 when ludwig dies,
also a rabbit needs more space than a hamster and they hate to be alone..and i guess my company doesn't really count
but a hamster...a hamster is so.."hi i'm 13" "so what do you want for your 18th birthday..""actually.... a hamster"
ahrgt is it really possible that such a banal desicion is that difficult?shouldn't i care more about lybia?

harlem-be your baby

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011


"And she leads you to the river
she is wearing rags and feathers
from Salvation Army counters
and the sun pours down like honey
on our lady of the harbour
and she shows you where to look
among the garbage and the flowers"

Leonard Cohen-Suzanne

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

angela lindvall
summer expectations

the weekend was cloudy and cold i spent too much time outside
even if i prefer this kind of weather better circumstances to exist
i changed my mind about going out every secound since thursday
first i was absolutly exited to go to a birthday party near the zoo at friday and to that "cool" party in the middle of nowhere at saturday
i decided to stay at home at friday with friends until i fell asleep really early with more or less confused dreams
on saturday,after a day wasted in the cold with a lovely friend,i was convinced that staying at home to watch jason schwartzmann movies would be the best decision for a confused girl like me
but just when i arrived home i suddenly started dressing up in my favourite dark red coat to go out with no real plans
we started with pizza and wine at a friends house,thus the most of my friends refused to sleep (not like me brave little girl) since friday night i had more glasses of strawberry wine than slices of pizza which is never a good sign
we decided to go to a "houseparty" of someone who seems to go to my school and is about a million years younger than me (one year),
first we stoped by any supermarket to get more wine,i fell in love with a pink princess crone,a heart ring and heart earrings and a quite generous friend was so lovely to buy me the crone with the words "only if you wear them the whole night" which is everything i wanted to hear
so we went to that party which turned out to be a superboringhangoutthing until i decited to throw all the confetti the guy also bought which made me happy and all the other people quite pissed
the confetti was all over everyone and even though everyone called me princess i got bored and decited to go home
i was on my way until the drunk me realized that i'm too young to leave at 2 o' clock so i went back and we decided to go to another friends place to have something to eat and afterwards go dancing at some crappy place
i cuddled with a big teddybear and someone told me that i look quite wasted and pale
i told him that this is the way i'm used to look and laughed but noone really understood me and i really started to miss teresa
from this time on i only remember everything being really slow and awkward
i was floating
away to some other planet
until i decided to finally leave.
i stayed.and decided to leave and stayed.until i finally left..i fall asleep while i was walking home on fluffy clouds, more confused dreams
i learned: stupid me will never grow up and girl you really have to learn how to say no

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

1.-3.Karen Walker FW 11
4. 3.1 Phillip Lim FW 11

5.&6. Preen FW 11

blue and grey,tiny fishermancaps and white socks,big big big shiny blazers,
leather and plain white shirt,all over blue,boyish,high necked collars forever,blue and yellow and grey,plissé and leather
more mustard and more royal blue to more shiny tops
ending with geometry,yellow and grey,
"klee, hundertwasser and delaunay."
new colours
in my mind,my head,my closet

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

nothing much to say.

i went to school,got drunk,danced alone on my bed, skiped to much school,
been trough a few emotional ups and downs and ended up ill
in my bed
with a lots of tea and even more pain
i spent the last days with too many words
in books,movies and in my head
started to ruin everything again
what a surprise
i still feel like someone punched me in the face
and walking is definitly overrated in these days
ask me something i'll give you a lovely confused answer
i spend most of the time admiring seth cohen
and the question in how far
movie/bookcharacters have ruin my reference to reality
i guess the dimension is huge
i'm wondering if i should go back to reality tomorrow
or stay in my bed forever
far away from any social function
my head
is still full of pink candyfloss and unicorns

lykke li-window blues

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011