Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010


i have a girlscrush on ashley smith,russh magazine

yesterday night teresa and i decited to go out and get some burgers and fries to watch american highschool movies,after we spent the whole day laying on my bed and talk about how much we hate our hometown.
the supermarket was about to close and everyone looked kind of annoyed which actually didn't really stopped us from take our time to discuss about our ideas for dinner
teresa decited that eating burgers after 6 o'clock is not a good idea because should not eat carbohydrate in the evening 2.burgers and fries makes you fat before and after 6 o' clock and 3.we both think we are too fat and want to loose some weight
i agreed but a little evil in my head told me that i would die if i won't get any fast food as soon as possible
while we were disscusing about the postive and negative aspects of eating burgers after 6 o'clock
an anorexic girl came over and asked us if we want to have her mushrooms
she murmured something about the mushrooms she has at home and how beautiful the mushrooms she hold in her hand were ..then she ran out of the supermarked
teresa looked at me and we both started to laugh
we are both sure that i was a sign from godor...karl lagerfeld or ana
we bought the mushrooms,went home ate rice with vegetables and went to sleep.
today i bought a pair of white sandals to wear them with white lace socks for halloween.
our plan for tonight was to go out get wasted and meet adorable guys
but after a long disscusion we realized that alcohol and ugly people depresses us
so we decited to stay at home.
now i'm listening to the beach boys-all i wanna do while i'm eating tomatos.

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