Mittwoch, 8. September 2010


since acne's rita, the fact of not owning a leather jacket with lampfurcollar is like a very painful slowly death.
it killed me month over month and it never seemed to stop until a rich man would come and marry me and buy me a rita.
he never came but actually topshop,god save them,came along and saved my life.

after the big dissapointment at h&m (200 euro ugly notbikerlook)
i discovered these lovely three versions and the question is now for which one i should go on my knees,
in front of my parents and beg for some money.
i must say the first one is my favourite so far,
but i'm asking myself if the lampcollar isn't too discreet?
well,in this question the secound one has more too offer,also take note of the leather but the price actually makes me cry.
78 pound (around 94 euro) instead of 58 pound (around 70 euro which is really acceptable for a leather jacket) for the first one
or should i rather get a black one?
ahrgt i can't stand decision


  1. oh ja ich überlege auch welche ich nehmen soll
    die zweite hat halt mehr sheepskin?
    vll muss man es auch einfach mal angezogen sehen
    aber ich glaub ich würde für die zweite voten

  2. ich liebe die zweite,die werde ich mir denke ich bald kaufen ♥

  3. aber diee ist sooooo teuueer und ich bin so pleeittee

  4. schwierig, aber mein favorit wäre auch die zweite.

  5. black would definitly fit with everything so i would say black
    (but the second brown one is amazing too)