Mittwoch, 8. September 2010


dossier magazine
in the last days
i've fallen in love,had cinnamonpancakes for breakfast instead of math and english,
danced in the kitchen like this to pure ecstasy-easy,had an hours long discussion about germany,
watched all my classmates fight about ridicilous things,
said goodbye to a well loved friend with tears in my eyes and a smile in the face at once (she's moving to san francisco tomorrow)
was excited because it was raining the whole day,wore a white tranparent blouse to a rustcolored jumper and a chequered blazer,
talked about the good old times and fake friends,had a few fights with various people
wore my dark green parka to a new order shirt and a leopardprinted cardigan,
decided to obtain the world supremarcy
and forgot to pay a cherryjuice.

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