Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

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ok listen,the last really cool picture i took of myself was at age 13,i had long blonde hair , few purple extencions,sushi in my hand and fake lashes on my eyes,i spent the whole day searching the perfect light in our don't expect too much.buuuut i still have the need to make this blog more here we go.
i've been wearing this sweater a lot in last time.
i've bought it at weekday after a quick dance of exitement because i have been searching for it like..ages.i first saw it at this lady in may and even if i knew it would never look near that cool on me like on her(seriously can anyone be cooler than nike?)i would have killed someone to get that fucking i got it and this evening i'm wearing it to have dinner with my dad

ps: i finally got my internship january i'll spend some time working here. my last internship here two years ago,was an incredible experience so i just can't wait until january


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