Samstag, 25. September 2010

Oh, people they don't understand
No, girlfriends, they won't understand
In spaceships, they won't understand
And me, I ain't ever gonna understand...

the weatherreport said that it will rain the whole weekend.yesterday the sun was shining.
i tried to kill the sun with my eyes for about ninety minutes while my physic teacher talked about...something i couldn't understand.
An half hour later i watched big grey clouds eat the blue sky
while my math teacher talked about something i didn't really want to hear
i had a tomato mozzarella ciabatta for lunch and wore a transparent blouse to a rough knitted jumper and glitter tights.
the glitter tights made me giggle every time i looked at my legs


  1. just good.
    love, soft love.


  2. sun enters through my class window while i try to listen to my maths teacher. then we go out for break, everyone is in the sun, with shorts and no-sleeve tshirts, while i try to keep in the shadow.
    i want winter, now.
    i share your thoughts.
    i like glitter tights.

    i follow you