Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

so one week is over serpil is packing her stuff to go back to frankfurt tomorrow
in the last week
i had a wonderful time with mika,went to a alots of fairs like bread&butter and premium, ate the most delicious food ,went to a lots of amazing showrooms,gained about 10 pounds,lost everything by running through berlin,went to the fashionweek pre opening party&fashionweek opening party&a gay club,starred at chloe sevigny while she was checking out what i wore,went to broken hearts club,talked to chloe sevingy,bumped accidently into a picture of cobra snake,refused to go out at friday night,bought a lots of secoundhand clothes,went to the fashionweek closing party,was quite bored nearly everynight(i'm so fashion i don't do "dancing"),ate too too too much,realized that sleep is definitly NOT overrated and that the whole "fashionscene" with all it's arrogance and fake enthusiasm is not really my thing,spend a lot of time in the kitchen watching everyone else smoke,met the loveliest people in berlin and mainly forgot to think.

every hour,every secound was just like i expect my life to be when i finished school,moved to berlin and study
the end of THE week ,everything is compareable to the last words of a good book
i'm terrible sad,i have the feeling that nothing will ever make me feel that good again but in the same time i know that something new&better will come again
so here we go again
one week left
only with less parties and more time to sleep
good night


  1. kann ich so gut nachvollziehen... hattest ja erwähnt, dass du auch aus FFM kommst...und gerade nach so einer besonderen Woche in Berlin, in der die Stadt noch mehr Kreativität und Leben ausstrahlt als sowieso schon, ist es das Frustrierendste, was ich mir vorstellen kann zurück in diese konservative Einöde zurückzukehren.
    Mir gefällt euer Blog unheimlich gut!