Sonntag, 2. Januar 2011

2010 was full of parties,alcohol,drugs and lost emotions
i never went out that much,
i never saw so many lonely and lost souls,caught in their own little cage of the addiction to have "fun".
even if i enjoyed nearly every night out,i always had an awful feeling running through my whole body
which made me flee more and more into my own little world full of unicorns,pink candyfloss and innocence.

just the imagination of going out to celebrate a new year,a night full of living deads, made me throw up
so the only thing that was imaginable(after staying at home alone),was to stay at home to have dinner with friends.
and like i expected it to be, the night was beyond lovely
a peaceful,perfect way to say goodbye to a year which can actually go and fuck itself
so happy new year to you all and always remember
the future is stupid.

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