Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

1.dazed and confused
2. rocha spre

so me and serpil arrived in berlin yesterday evening
after having homemade pizza and a lots of wine we went out to see tennis(the band) live
the whole fun started when we went to the supermarket to get more wine
we had to wait for ages so we started to analyze the people by the food they bought
we got more and more drunk and i sat down in the tube next to a guy and his boyfriend and they starred at me and i felt uncomfortable
i don't remember why but suddenly he took a pair of slippers ,which look like little puppys, out of his bag
and said something like: "well if you go at night you have to take something with you which makes you feel comfortable"
i was quite scared
but suddenly someone started to blow bubbles and we catched them
when we arrived at the concert i was probably high on happiness
the singer was unbeliveable cute,
while she was singing her curls jumped up and down and the mexican guy next to us was the master of disaster
in clapping every beat they played which made me just happier
after the concert serpil disappeared and ben started a conversation with the drummer
they talked for like..hours and we ended up in the backstage area,drinking more beer
we went home dancing in the rain i never slept that good,oh lovely berlin
today we went out to have breakfast and spent the whole evening on the fleamarket until we went home to order a loots of asian food


  1. ich hab deinen blog vorgestellt & deinen header benutzt, ich hoffe das ist ok (:
    kannst ja mal vorbeischauen wenn du willst (:

  2. super schöne Bilder!

  3. mali (malinmalinw@gmail.com19. Januar 2011 um 04:01

    I love your blog, im sooo inspired of it. You took a street style picture of me this summer and since then i've been reading it!
    Right now i'm planning on moving to berlin but it's kind of hard to find o good site where i can find aparments to rent or somewhere to live. Do you have any tips?