Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

when i lost my beloved headband a few weeks ago, drunk somewhere in nowhere i cried
it was my lover for a couple of years,always on my side,always looking brilliant with fur cute dresses and rough boots
losing it felt like the first heartbreak and the death of your lovely puppy at once
so my father had no other alternative than giving me his creditcard number to buy new lovers
(you'll get the money back,i promise,after chrismas or something..
when i stoped spending all my(your) money on parties,clothes and coffee at starbucks)
so finally asos saved me from living a lonely life full of sadness
and i bought this lovely turban in rust and in black plus a new black headband
today i'm wearing the rust one with a black rough knittet jumper,black fur and these lovelies

(note : i was only joking i paid them by myself,i don't have money for parties because i already spent everything
and i would never never never drink coffee at starbucks
[yeah i know i'm doing the duckface,it's something like a hobby or whatever])


  1. OoH babe, you look awesome (though the duckface thing is quite right) and damn girl i fucking adore your turban... (as soon as i#m back ...wanna trade for a day???) haha love babe love Aqui

  2. ''and i would never never never drink coffee at starbucks''


    tolle bilder.