Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

stockholm streetstyle
i have nothing to wear
simply nothing
is it just me or is EVERYTHING that stores sell this winter pure SHIT ?
winter has always been my favourite season,especailly when it came down to clothes and layering
this year trying to find something to wear is suicide
i can't count the times i went home,crying out of desperation with nothing but a basic shirt or tights in my shopping bag
come on h&m,
i need clothes to be happy

(how sad.)

i love you but i've chosen darkness-according to plan


  1. nie kann ich diese stockholm streetstyle seite öffnen. steht da irgendwo von wo ihre chelsea boots sind?

  2. also hier ist nochmal der orginal post:
    aber das ganz du ja wahrscheinlich nicht öffnen


    die boots sind von nilson
    hier noch der link zum onlineshop