Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

gar nicht erwachsen


still in love with wendy
panache was one of the first outfitblogs i read
and after more than 2 years i still get terrible exited about her outfits
the combination of these "giles deacon for happy socks" socks and creepers really make me think of getting a pair again
even if i thought i passed that "phase" last year in winter


  1. aww so happy, i love kyra zoe.
    i thought i passed the phase too but furry ones are different

  2. i think its just the combination
    when i think of creepers this "goth style" always comes to my mind
    i used to like that a lot
    but now i just love the idea of wearing creepers to a blouse jumper and pleated skirt
    i have those stupid h&m creeper fakes and today i wore them with a white blouse and a dark blue jumper from my dad,today
    really falling for this again