Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

saturday night ph private
last week i realized that my life would be full of joy and satisfaction,a million times better than my life is now
with a furry adoreable fluffy friend by my side
watching kittens und puppies, playing around on youtube became something like passion
and everyday without a little thing with more fur than bones is slow painful death
due to the fact that i'm allergic to cats and our flat is simply too small for a beagle
i decited to get a rabbit..
or a hamster
i can't really decide but the imagination of a little white rabbit with huuuge eyes named ludwig makes me super excited
but rabbits can reach a age of 15 so i will be 33 when ludwig dies,
also a rabbit needs more space than a hamster and they hate to be alone..and i guess my company doesn't really count
but a hamster...a hamster is so.."hi i'm 13" "so what do you want for your 18th birthday..""actually.... a hamster"
ahrgt is it really possible that such a banal desicion is that difficult?shouldn't i care more about lybia?

harlem-be your baby

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