Montag, 21. Februar 2011

angela lindvall
summer expectations

the weekend was cloudy and cold i spent too much time outside
even if i prefer this kind of weather better circumstances to exist
i changed my mind about going out every secound since thursday
first i was absolutly exited to go to a birthday party near the zoo at friday and to that "cool" party in the middle of nowhere at saturday
i decided to stay at home at friday with friends until i fell asleep really early with more or less confused dreams
on saturday,after a day wasted in the cold with a lovely friend,i was convinced that staying at home to watch jason schwartzmann movies would be the best decision for a confused girl like me
but just when i arrived home i suddenly started dressing up in my favourite dark red coat to go out with no real plans
we started with pizza and wine at a friends house,thus the most of my friends refused to sleep (not like me brave little girl) since friday night i had more glasses of strawberry wine than slices of pizza which is never a good sign
we decided to go to a "houseparty" of someone who seems to go to my school and is about a million years younger than me (one year),
first we stoped by any supermarket to get more wine,i fell in love with a pink princess crone,a heart ring and heart earrings and a quite generous friend was so lovely to buy me the crone with the words "only if you wear them the whole night" which is everything i wanted to hear
so we went to that party which turned out to be a superboringhangoutthing until i decited to throw all the confetti the guy also bought which made me happy and all the other people quite pissed
the confetti was all over everyone and even though everyone called me princess i got bored and decited to go home
i was on my way until the drunk me realized that i'm too young to leave at 2 o' clock so i went back and we decided to go to another friends place to have something to eat and afterwards go dancing at some crappy place
i cuddled with a big teddybear and someone told me that i look quite wasted and pale
i told him that this is the way i'm used to look and laughed but noone really understood me and i really started to miss teresa
from this time on i only remember everything being really slow and awkward
i was floating
away to some other planet
until i decided to finally leave.
i stayed.and decided to leave and stayed.until i finally left..i fall asleep while i was walking home on fluffy clouds, more confused dreams
i learned: stupid me will never grow up and girl you really have to learn how to say no

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