Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

nothing much to say.

i went to school,got drunk,danced alone on my bed, skiped to much school,
been trough a few emotional ups and downs and ended up ill
in my bed
with a lots of tea and even more pain
i spent the last days with too many words
in books,movies and in my head
started to ruin everything again
what a surprise
i still feel like someone punched me in the face
and walking is definitly overrated in these days
ask me something i'll give you a lovely confused answer
i spend most of the time admiring seth cohen
and the question in how far
movie/bookcharacters have ruin my reference to reality
i guess the dimension is huge
i'm wondering if i should go back to reality tomorrow
or stay in my bed forever
far away from any social function
my head
is still full of pink candyfloss and unicorns

lykke li-window blues


  1. genau so gehts mir. ich will Sommer. die Bilder mag ich!

  2. I'm staying in bed forever. Come over and we can stay in bed forever together. I miss you.