Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009


"bubblegum angels swopped from top margins or scraped their wings between teeming paragraphs,maiden with golden hair dripped sea blue tears into the book spring grape-colored whales spoutet blood around a newspaperitem (pasted in) listing arrivals to the endangered spieceslist.six hatchlings cried from shattered sheels near an entry made on easter.cecila had filled the pages with a profusion of colors and curlicues,candylandladders and stped shamrocks. jeffrey eugendies


  1. ich weiss nicht warum aber diese gasmasken habe bei mir irgendwie ein trauma hinterlassen. einfach gruselig.

  2. ich hasse dich hahaha
    das wollte ich gestern auch posten

  3. Hi, I looove your posts, and the pictures! Come check my blog, hope you enjoy it ;-)

    Following you via rss feed, follow me too :)

  4. What a brilliant picture! You do find some stunning things dearest.