Montag, 21. September 2009

my love my love my love forever and ever and ever

darling,you know i love you with all of my heart and i will always love you until i die but what the fuck are you doing?when i saw the preview i was near to collapse and now i'm just asking myself what happned to you the last years?!i mean, where are the nostalic lyrics?the most beautiful words i ever heard in a song? 11th Dimension makes me think of coconuts and coconuts are not nostalic! yes i will buy PHRAZES FOR THE YOUNG and when you'll go on tour i'll be at every show in and near germany,standing in the first row screaming your name but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and record a new strokes album PLEASE !


  1. haha loved it (what you wrote)
    i hate coconuts too, referring to the sound here. i miss the strokes. but i heard there will be a new album early next year... despite julian's solocrap. :)

  2. i miss the strokes so much :c they are my favourite band for life and they'll be and you made my day with that new album news
    thanks thanks thanks