Freitag, 31. Juli 2009

welcome home

back from ldn.
i didn't really had the time to take pictures,teresa did so maybe i'll post some.
the last 6 day went by so fast,a city never felt so much like home like ldn did
i already miss everything
i miss waking up and telling teresa my dreams,i miss watching britsh kids stuff in the morning, i miss the boiled egg for breakfeast,i miss walking up the 77 stairs to our room,laughting and feeling like we were drunk,i miss the tube,i miss camden,i miss the people fighting for our attantion to buy their food,i miss the chats with the people,they were all so nice,i miss the weather,the clouds,the rain,i miss cleaning our hands after everything we touched,i miss screaming : "swine flue ! " when someone sneezed,i miss eating burger and fries for one pound on stairs somewhere at brick lane,i miss the britsh charm,i miss english tea with milk, i miss apple pies for 89 pence,i miss walking home with 6 bags full of cheap clothes,i miss slaging off the kids in our hostel,i miss watching stupid britsh television shit, i miss going to bed after we nearly died from laughing that hard we couldn't breathe anymore.
london has my heart forever !
ldn song: tigerlily- la roux ; ceremony-new order ; lullaby - the cure


  1. Its always fun in London. See my latest post on brick lane, the craziest place in town.

    I hab sechs jahren in Deutschland gewohnt als kind. Mein Deutsch ist gar nicht perfekt, ein bisschen verruckt aber... es geht!