Dienstag, 7. August 2012

Whales have been evolving for thirty million years. To our one million. A sperm whale’s brain is seven times the size of mine.
The great size of his body has little to do with the great size of his brain, other than as a place to keep it.
 I have What If fantasies… what if the catalyst or the key to understanding creation lay somewhere in the immense mind of the whale?
Some species go for months without eating anything. Just completely idle.. 
So they have this incredible mental apparatus and no one has the least notion what they do with it.
 Lilly says that the most logical supposition, based on physiological and ecological evidence, is that they contemplate the universe
Suppose God came back from wherever it is he’s been and asked us smilingly if we’d figure it out yet. Suppose he wanted to know if it had finally occurred to us to ask the whale.
 And then he sort of looked around and he said, “By the way, where are the whales?
 — Cormac McCarthy, Of Whales and Men 

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