Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

my saturday:
waking up at 9 from a nightmare (teachers who shoot pupils in the head what the fuck is wrong with me?), hanging out on facebook & tumblr, watching the hills while breakfast,
studing for art class, teresa comes over to study for math, having dinner with teresa and my mum, studying even more math,
teresa leaves to see her boyfriend (!), hanging out on facebook, think about going out for movies with a friend,
descide that i'm too tired (from whatsoever), eating cheese, reading some crap magazines from my parents, hanging out on facebook & tumblr, painting my nails,
reading old diary entries, eating even more crap, decide to start being cooler,
reading nietzsche and fall asleep while doing it

i should get a prize for being the lamest eightteenyearsold teenager ever


  1. dein traum erinnert mich an das hier
    ... nur umgekehrt.

  2. und ich wünschte alle in meinem traum wären so schön wie leonardo