Dienstag, 29. November 2011

naag magazine

mad men inspires me just a littlebit too much.

after 3 season i strongly feel a connection to don and peggy,
i sometimes even get slightly scared how many emotions
are included while i watch lonely don fuck up every lifesituation in such a classy, charming way.
today, while peggy had kind of a breakdown because don just doesn't see all the hard work she does,
even trough
1.all the primitve men she has to work with, act like pubescent
highschool boys who just found their dad's playboymagazines,
2.no one accepts her due to the fact that she is not as perfect and fuckable as all that fucking secretary's around her,
3.she has secretly a child from pete who is married, which she does not accept and noone knows about except don
4.she just broke up with her boyfriend whateverisnameis because she knows he is just too fucking boring and close minded for her...
yeah while she had that breakdown i caught me whispering something like
" oh peggy it's fine, cry your heart out, you never cry. you are such a strong woman,
with all that shit that the world throws at you. you are loveable indeed, you clearly don't need a man.
just look at you and what you already have reached. all that assholes don't even deserve you."
and felt a littlebit ashamed.
it's just fascinating how easy you can catch my attraction by just connecting random dramaseriesshit with some 50's / 60's aesthetics.

et voilà

i'm addicted.

(i basically uploaded this editorial because i reaaally like those curtains, i should really get some curtains like those,they're lovely.)

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